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November 21, 2014

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Sea Animal City is a city under the sea full of friendly sea creatures who are waiting to share adventures with children of all ages. If you like dolphins, orcas, sea lions, penguins, sharks and other animals of the sea, you will love visiting Sea Animal City and learning about its inhabitants. Help Dolphin visit his friends by completing tasks, such as reading a story, drawing a picture or completing games and activities. There are 3 different interactive stories and 7 games/activities. Everything in Sea Animal City is child-friendly so everyone in the family can enjoy this unique journey through a colorful city under the sea.


Sea Animal City was created from bedtime stories that my son and I would tell each other with his stuffed sea animal toys. All of the characters in Sea Animal City are based on original characters we created while getting ready to go to sleep. The characters are friendly and fun and children will watching and helping them through their adventures. Through the creation of Sea Animal City, we hope to share just some of our story time adventures with the world.


  • Colorful and cute original artwork and animation
  • Funny and educational original interactive stories
  • Engaging sound effects and all original music
  • Several fun and simple games to play
  • Kid-friendly app! No ads! No in-app-purchases! No spyware!


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Sea Animal City Credits

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Business & Development

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